A trail weaving through the mountains on a cold spring day

Who am I?

My name’s Isaac, nice to meet you!

Professionally, I’ve been a Software Engineer at Zed (current) and Tonari, as well as an Apprentice Cheesemaker. I discovered the joy of programming when I was very young; this little hobby quickly grew to underpin the way I think about hard problems. I’m best known for my work on the Passerine programming language, but this is really just one facet of the type of work I find interesting.

I’m most interested in using computational systems as a foundation for building novel tools for creation and collaboration. For this reason, I’m most interested in problems at the intersection between humans, computers, art, and language.

If you want to get in touch, you can email me at hello at this domain; elsewhere, I’m slightknack. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a robot.

About this Website?

Isaac’s Website (aka slightknack.dev) is a random web of thoughts. Loosely technical but with no common theme, it’s really just a place to link against ideas I’d like to share with others.

Editor’s Note: Man, some of these posts need some serious love.

The current incarnation of this website is built with Zola and GitHub Pages. This website used to run on a custom git-like database I wrote, hosted via Cloudflare Workers, with a little CMS for writing new posts in-browser. Although fun, I was getting tired of paying hosting for a website that doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic. If you’d like a little blast-from-the-past, here’s a mirror.

There is an RSS/Atom feed for those of you who use newsreaders. For those of you who do not, just bookmark this site or check back for new posts occasionally, I guess.